Welcome to a site that will give you the opportunity to develop a greater awareness in safety that may have lied dormant in the average person maybe through time or the lack of use.


My years in the construction industry and as a practicing safety professional, I came to understand that all living organism has an inherent response to the threat of danger which can be developed into an awareness that can protect them from harm.


There are  many books, journals, articles, workshops and trainings, lectures and discussions (all on safety) where few versions or opinions directed us to that “built in” response and offered help in its development.


More than the valuable information we provide, we also direct you to the needed and appropriate awareness training that are most times overlooked in the workplace, and the benefit of knowledge of the right equipment and its use to protect the individual from harmful outcomes and accident prevention.


This site will create a learning environment with researched information, critical and constructive comments, feedbacks and opinions from our browsers.


I can visualize our relationship can take us to the many dimensions in safety which can be important to our growth as safety professionals and enthusiast. This can only be realized by your suggestions, ideas and feedbacks in the future.


The future articles will provide us with much information, interesting development and our involvement in the safety and construction industries.
Thanks again, on behalf of SafeReps Ltd.