About Us

Who We Are

Safe Reps Company Limited was founded and registered in October 2005, and started its operation in January 2006. This company arose from the observation of many small businesses (specifically skills trade) needs to manage the safety aspects of their function. Although your business may have the potential to be successful in any area of expertise, a safe workplace can rank you high in the competition.


SafeReps can provide the Information, Training and Management necessary to protect your business from liability, and also allows your employees to work in a safer and healthier working environment. This can only result in a better quality product/services and a lasting relationship with your customers or Client.
SafeReps Co. is managed by Mr. Anthony Allsop. This company was born out of the need for the workplace to operate in a safe way that considers its human resources, visitors, and those affected by its operations, physical assets and the environment under its charge.


While SafeReps Co. is a part of a network of local safety professionals in various areas of specialties, it still seeks to affiliate itself with international safety organizations and institutes of good repute.
SafeReps Co. employs administrative personnel, safety (onsite) supervisors and an additional staffing for research as the need arises.


Our Mission

To provide quality safety, health and environmental services, by setting a safety tone with safety management techniques which will affect the quality of production and serviceof the clients we serve.


Our Objective

  • To provide information for safety awareness and education.
  • To provide training programs for all levels of employment and safety aspects.
  • To apply management techniques to systems, procedures, practices and standards required for effective business operations.
  • To supplyand maintain quality safety needs that are relevant, suitable and recommended to the specific workplace.