An informed workplace is better prepared for the eventual threats of hazards or disasters of any kind. SafeReps can provide the “need to know” information that is important for positive outcomes to all levels of the workforce, property and the environment under our client’s charge, that can only result in a better quality product or service, and a lasting relationship with their clients.


Knowledge or written data are useless if they are not effectively communicated to train or educate the individual or group identified for the needed behavioral and attitude changes that influences a safe workplace.
Applying knowledge to ones skill can only improve the individual’s performance towards competency.Transferring of information can be processed in a variety of communicating means (writing, reading, symbols/signs, etc.).


Posters and propaganda is not enough to influence success in information transfer, but, SafeReps considers some important factors in or message delivery, to include;
  • The human senses (vision, sound, touch, smell and taste)
  • The mental and physical health of the individual
  • The environment affected by the workplace
SafeReps delivers its information in a meaningful manner to ensure the needed information is understood and effectively applied in the workplace, and encourages employer’s participation and provision of the needed resources which can help to rank your workplace high in the competition.