Whether one is self employed (working alone), or an employer of any number of persons, accident prevention is a sound investment, backed by the interest and drive to achieve such.

The management of construction safety can take many approaches to include, taking control and acknowledging ownership of responsibilities for all activities in the workplace. It must “create in within everyone, at all levels in the workplace, a safety mindedness”, according to Roland Blake, a prominent safety manager.

In the approach to the management of safety, SafeReps Co. Ltd, integrates coordination and cooperation in the control of activities at the workplace by showing the needed information and means available that are necessary to achieve our client’s goals. We believe that no workplace can be completely safe without the support and interest of an effective management system.
Effective management of safety begins by establishing a positive Safety and Health culture in the workplace that produces respect for each other values, perceptions, competencies and behavior that are committed to make safety a sound investment, which involves all levels of the workplace to “buy in” the concept that investing in safety is not what it cost, but what it saves.

This mindset begins with management’s (the employer) acceptance of high standards and developing appropriate controls with efficient and effective management systems. All levels of the workplace must believe that whatever systems and measures put in place would be effective, even when financial and performance goals are affected, because reputation is more important for survival.

SafeReps Co. Ltd, view Safety and Health management as an important provision in the workplace and must be given top priority for any organization’s success and survival, and ensure the following benefits from its effective safety management system;

  • Potential hazards will be known, and preventative controls can be implemented
  • The needed Personal Protection and safeguards can be identified, and proper use and enforcement effected
  • How to successfully conduct investigations to discover causes and avoid recurrences
  • Substantial savings due to low or zero injury records can be realized
  • Reduction in loss time due to injury, machinery or property damages can be observed
  •  Company’s goodwill and good image enhanced
  •  Quality production
  • High moral and motivation
  •  Reduced liability
  •  Low insurance cost
  • Reduced compensation claims

SafeReps Co. Ltd will bringyour workplace to a level of readiness in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act: 2004, and will maintain the workplace with and effective system that includes procedures, processes, plan programs and training in accordance with the laws of Trinidad and Tobago, which are important to loss control management.