Training and Education

Today, more than in the past, employers should ensure that their employees at all levels receive suitable and sufficient training and education in the fast moving and high technological workplace.

Why is training and education important in the workplace?
According to the National Safety Council, “workers who are not trained to perform their jobs safely are more likely to cause accidents”.

Accidents are costly, therefore to prevent injury, loss or damage through accidents, it is necessary to that sufficient and effective training programs be conducted.

Since training is the process that develops the skill in the doing of a specific task or type of work the right way, and education increases the general knowledge and stimulates the thinking on the specific task or type of work one has to perform and other related tasks.

SafeReps training and education process ensures a positive change in attitude and behavior of the outcome in the workplace to produce a competent and confident worker.
Legal, moral and financial loss considerations are the three main reasons for training and education in the workplace.

  • Legal – because the Occupational Safety and Health Act: 2004, makes it a duty imposed on the employer, and indicates the consequences for breaches in the law.
  • Moral – considering the depressing statistics of illnesses, injuries and fatalities in the workplace, are concerns that can be reduced through training and education.
  • Financial Loss–in any form (compensation, loss time, repair/replacement, etc.) is undesirable and a great concern to any employer, which can also be prevented through training and education.

These reasons, shows the need and importance of training and education that can be identified in many instances the workplace to include;

  • New employee and orientation
  • Changes in process
  • New machinery and technology
  • After an investigation Performance evaluation
  • Change in procedures
  • Job Analysis Chan in specification and description
  • Risk Assessments

The implementation of training and education programs if effectively delivered in any organization can significantly reduce the risks of accidents, loss and liability in the workplace, and realize three great benefits;

  1. The ability to identify hazards
  2. Find preventative solutions
  3. Develop safe practices

SafeReps believes training and education is a sensible investment, and a safe worker is an asset to any organization.